Back In New York by alec vianu

I always find that after a rich photographic experience, i need a period of readjustment to the new environment, even if its my ow home.  Back home, I am surrounded by all the extremely intimate scenes i am used to see, and photograph, daily. My natural inclination is to dive back into some of the visual clues that serve as triggers in the past, i guess a way to reset my eye. 

So back home, good to be back, and sad to leave a huge trove of amazing landscapes from Wattenmeer.

The Wattenmeer Landscapes by alec vianu

The Far North of Europe, The North Sea coast, surrounds the Wattenmeer peninsula. It is cold, windy, flat and stunningly beautiful. While in Germany, i looked for these open spaces - places where both the dirt and the grass are bleached from the sun, grass is uni-directional, and hills are cut, all due to strong, consistent unstoppable winds.

The tide is long, 5-6 km, moving in and out through wide deltas and intricate canals, creating dream like landscapes. Hopefully, the photography i took in Wattenmeer captures at least a fraction of the mood from there.

Sandy - A city turned to darkness by alec vianu

They say that bad weather is great for photographers. As terrifying Sandy was, it proved the saying as correct. It was good being out there at the height of the storm. Driving through downtown New York was a different experience. As exciting as it was, all dark, it was also scary as the only lights were from lonely passing cars.